Helvasan’s story begins in Cyprus in 1832 to produce the finest quality of Tahini and Halva as a family-owened company called Çerkez Halva. The factory was placed in Ermu, Nicosia until the city was plundered during the civil war in 1963-74 and forced to be closed.

After that in 1993, the company has been opened and continued manufacturing in Yenicami street, Nicosia by Ahmet Rasım Çerkez, the third generation member of the family. It has been named as Helvasan Ltd since then.

Ahmet Rasım Çerkez entrusted his company to his 4th and 5th generations, Mustafa Fadıl Çerkez his son and Emre Çerkez his grandson. Within these years, the manufacturing has been enhanced and it ranked as the first in terms of it’s production capacity in Northern Cyprus. Helvasan Limited continues to manufacture Halva, Tahini, molassses, and Sesame based on ISO22000 standards.